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Repurposing stained glass windows

Finding new destinations for historic stained glass windows.

This case study documents how knowledge development can contribute to repurposing historical stained-glass windows.

J.P.F. Kraus, Flight, 1952

J.P.F. Kraus, Flight, 1952

The RCE Art Collection sector aims to make the National Collection as visible as possible: valuation results have served to support this aim.


The RCE administers a collection of 20th century stained-glass windows (part of the national collection) from both important Dutch designers and unknown craftsmen. Some are on loan to museums. The RCE wishes to draw more attention to the remainder from architects, designers and property owners etc., in order to promote repurposing and accessibility of the windows.


Valuation is important here because the 'Specification of Significance' yields insights into the values attributed to the windows. This in turn can help in finding suitable locations for them (replacement). In this case a concept from the valuation guidelines, On the museum scales, was applied to a number of stained glass windows in the context of the RCE collection.