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The artist interview

Artist Interviews as an essential source of information for the conservation of contemporary art.

In 2012 The Artist Interview was published, a manual of a methodology for interviewing artists, developed by the Stichting Behoud Moderne Kunst (SBMK) [Conservation of Contemporary Art Foundation] and the RCE.

Interview with Marina Abramovic by Frederika Huys and Dorine Mignot

Interview with Marina Abramovic by Frederika Huys and Dorine Mignot

A dozen articles are included, all based on extensive interviews with well-known Dutch artists. The Artist Interview is meant for everyone involved in the conservation, restoration and presentation of contemporary art. The methodology was developed from collaboration with the SBMK in which Dutch museums with contemporary art collections are represented.


The purpose of artist interviews is to gain more insight into the artist's process, the significance of applied materials and guidelines for the installation/re-installation of the works. This information is particularly important for modern and contemporary art due to the wide range of media and materials used and the significance they possess. The methodology enhances the quality of the interview and gives ample insight into the do's and don'ts.

Older generation

In the interviews on which the method was tested, a slightly older generation of artists was chosen in view of the increased risk of losing information not yet collected. The articles are based on interviews with Marina Abramović, Sjoerd Buisman, Tom Claassen, Adam Colton, Constant, Ger van Elk, Henk Peeters, Peter Struycken, André Volten and Marijke van Warmerdam.

The filmed interviews are available on request from the RCE library.


This project is linked to a more recent project in which contemporary artists are portrayed at work in their studios. This series of mini documentaries, Dutch Masters in the 21st century, is a production of Interakt.