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Paper heritage - Metamorfoze

Metamorfoze: The National Programme for the Conservation of Heritage on Paper.

The work group GezOnd (Joint Research) under the national programme of Metamorfoze, carried out research to find the best solution for the preservation and treatment of original paper documents threatened by inherent decay.

Historic letters

Historic letters.

This collaborative venture of the National Library, the National Archives and the Cultural Heritage Agency conducted research under three sub-projects: Air Purification, Ink Corrosion and Micro-fading.

Air Purification

The sub-project of Pollution Pathways focused on the necessity for air purification in depots. In forming a picture of the entire process - from the source of pollution to its interaction with the paper object and resulting effects - it became increasingly apparent that external sources do not cause the greatest value loss. What is the benefit of powerful exterior air filtration? And what is the most efficient use of resources for optimising the quality of preservation?

Ink corrosion

With this project, a web tool was developed for 'optical ink corrosion recognition', which offers the opportunity of making a prognosis for the ink corrosion of objects in relation to the circumstances in which they are kept. In addition, a method for locally treating ink corrosion damage was developed.


This project involved the development and application of a portable instrument for determining the light sensitivity of inks, dyestuffs and paints directly on the original objects.