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Visitor-survey - measuring effectiveness

A guide for measuring the effectiveness of apps and websites.

How do you set up an effective website and ensure that your audience can find your app? What should you take into account? An investigation into increasing the effectiveness of apps and websites was carried out, based on a quantitative and qualitative public research.

Online survey through app and website.

Online survey through app and website.

For museums public research means little more than inviting the public to participate in a research and asking what they think of their services, manifestations (products, exhibitions) and the means of communication used.


This can be carried out through personal interviews, questionnaires or surveys submitted online linked to a website or an app. This project performed by means of a public survey about the website of the Virtual Armando Museum and included oral interviews on the use and effectiveness of the MuseumApp.


How do you know whether your website or app is effective? And what exactly is it that increases the effectiveness? How can you use public research to answer these questions? These issues, applied to both websites and apps, are discussed in the guidelines developed during this project. Two additional websites and apps are included to support and enliven the presented conclusions, tips and lessons learned.