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The painting as interface

Inventory of documentation systems to link research results to locations on artworks.

What are appropriate online systems for linking research results to exact locations on an object? What aspects are important and can standards be applied? This project focused on the inventory and comparison of systems that enable such a link.

The Daguerrotype Research Portal

The Daguerrotype Research Portal

In order to gain insight into current developments in the field an inventory was first made of projects currently engaged in the presentation of object-related data. It was decided to select only those projects that are accessible through the Internet.


Four systems emerged from the inventory: CARTA, LOÏS, MetigoMap and Onderzoeksassistent. These were then compared and assessed on a number of aspects taken from the user's perspective, in which the relationship of content-context-user was key. The results of this research were published in a report (see Results).