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Virtual Museums

With digitizing, museums gain a new range of possibilities for making their collection and associated knowledge accessible to a broad public. 


Screenshot MuseumApp

Screenshot MuseumApp

Due to digitisation objects that have never left the depot can be brought to life, anyone can create their own amazing collection and incomplete objects can be restored to their original appearance. Entire new worlds can be created using virtual techniques.

Types of applications

Roughly speaking, there are four types of online applications which museums can employ, all depending on the digitized information at their disposal:

Obviously the distinction between the different types is not really strict and does not necessarily have to exclude one or the other. Applications aimed at collecting information may, for example, simultaneously provide more publicity, or vice versa.


Between 2009 and 2012 the RCE studied which virtual museums methods were most effective to attract a larger audience. This was carried out through an extensive inventory of methods and resources and the implementation of several case studies. Virtual means were also developed for projects within other programs in order to present the results in a different way and to a wider public.