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The RCE is a knowledge centre for archaeological monuments. The expertise is broad: from early prehistory to the Middle Ages and from urban archaeology to palaeogeography: in-house experts cover all periods and specializations.

Nails found in a Roman ship

Nails found in the remains of a Roman ship

The RCE is engaged in research in addition to quality assurance and consultancy in the field of general and underwater archaeology. The service maps out the nature, distribution, quality and paleogeographic context of known and as yet unknown archaeological values both on land and underwater, both geographically and chronologically. The knowledge about these archaeological values forms the basis for internal and external advice, particularly in the valuation, selection, quality assurance and protection of monuments.

Quality assurance

Assurance of the quality of archaeological monument conservation is safeguarded by RCE involvement in projects of national importance and by research, also in the field. Objectives are the expansion of knowledge and the development of new methods and techniques.


The research field covers all archaeological periods and specializations of the Dutch prehistory and protohistory. There are specialists in the areas of early prehistory (Palaeolithic to Middle Stone Age), late prehistory (late Neolithic, Bronze and Iron Age), Roman period, Early and High Middle Ages, urban archaeology, archaeozoology, palaeobotany, landscape archaeology, underwater archaeology, palaeogeography and historical geography.


In the field of archaeological movable heritage, the RCE carries out much research on archaeological finds and develops new research techniques and methods